Kollect: Mistakes Happen

Kollect: Mistakes Happen

Hi John here, CEO and Co-Founder of Kollect. In case you haven’t heard, we do things differently at Kollect. Everything from how we construct our products to how we deal with our customers is different—and that’s just fine by us. Bypassing convention allows us to deliver a whole new level of customer experience and to challenge ourselves everyday of every week to improve our services. But what are those challenges?

Traditionally, companies look to make as much money as quickly as possible and consider the mistakes they make along the way as a means to an end. Well that’s just not us, let me explain why. By making customer experience the cornerstone of our business, we knew we had set ourselves a difficult task especially as we work with a number of third party providers who use our platform. So, how were we supposed to guarantee a good customer experience with lots of companies in the mix? The answer: embrace the comeback. Hey, we hold our hands up, we make mistakes. That’s life. That’s business. It’s how you respond that counts and we go over and above to ensure the customer is always well-informed and our solutions more than solves the problem.

As always, it comes down to some of our core values:

Be Honest: Be Straight Up, Always do right by our Customers.

Responsive: Be Prompt, Always Keeping Customers in the Loop.

These two principles are at the core of our business and are tirelessly implemented to ensure we not only grow, but grow in the Kollect way. If something goes wrong on our end we never lie or deflect. If something goes wrong on the customer’s end, we’re there to listen, to take responsibility and to fix it. What we found is that people are generally good sports about it too. They appreciate being kept in the loop and they appreciate our willingness to solve the problem regardless of cost or effort.

Make mistakes, learn from them and then move on

Mistakes are natural, it’s how you comeback that counts. Finally, it is then important for us to introduce a new process to ensure that we lessen the chances of this mistake happening again for our customers. Our company motto is “Make mistakes, learn from them and then move on”.