We provide answers to some of our commonly asked questions.

Kollect's business model is similar to Uber, the on-demand taxi platform, but instead of moving people, we move waste. We have a wide network of trusted independent waste contractors for junk removal, bin collection and skip hire.

We offer jobs out to the network via our platform as we receive them from our customers. Jobs are accepted by the nearest and best suited waste provider with capacity. Our platform connects us with our Service Partners as they undertake the jobs, so we can closely monitor and track how the job is progressing, and keep customers updated.

Our company mission is to create simple, convenient and efficient ways to collect and recycle waste, innovating in customer service and creating customer delight.

Savings and choice. We can help with almost every kind of waste either using traditional skip hire, labour inclusive van removals or weekly domestic bin collections; one-off waste collections or regularly scheduled collections. We can cater for anyone and we will advise you from start to finish on the best option for you, whether you're...

- Small households/People who live alone

- People with excess waste after a holiday period, party etc.

- Those who generate a small amount of waste frequently.

- Those who use recycling facilities like bottle-banks etc.

- People in short term accommodation.

- All types of commercial businesses.

- Construction projects.

- Garden maintenance.

- Property regeneration and much more

No, we are a technology company that simply matches you with the best suited waste contractor based on your location. Kollect's business model is similar to Just Eat, the on-demand takeaway platform, but instead of moving food, we move waste. We have a national network of trusted independent waste contractors for Junk removal, Bin Collection and Skip Hire. We offer jobs out to the network via our platform as we receive them from our customers. Jobs are accepted by the nearest and best suited waste provider with capacity. Our platform connects us with our Service Partners as they undertake the jobs, so we can closely monitor and track how the job is progressing, and keep customers updated. Our company mission is to create simple, convenient and efficient ways to collect and recycle waste, innovating in customer service and creating customer delight.

Of course you can; you can do this by emailing us on info@kollect.co.uk or phoning us on 0161 826 6193

Please be assured that all of your information is retained in the strictest confidence. All payments are processed on a secure web server. All payment information you provide is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology so that when you submit an order online nothing can be read as it travels down the secure line.

kollect bin vehicle


We provide bin collection packages to suit every household.

No, you can use your existing bin and we'll collect that from you. If you need an additional bin, then please get in touch with us to arrange by emailing info@kollect.co.uk

We are expanding all the time but at the moment we service Bury, Rochdale, Manchester, Oldham, Bolton and Salford.

We can empty any coloured bins with whatever is in them - We will empty recycling bins if required.
We try not to be strict but please note that we cannot collect: bricks, rubble, plaster, plasterboard, ceramic, sand, stone, gravel, asbestos, sharps, chemical waste, medical waste (nappies are fine), paint, solvents, corrosive acids, toxic material, large electrical items, oil, or large quantities of liquid & please also ensure that no hot or combustible material is placed in the bin which may cause a fire. (Ashes, Lithium Batteries, Coals etc).

Our innovative technology knows where each of our waste collection partners are on any given day. Once you book through Kollect, we send this collection to the next operator in your area. We do not own or operate our own trucks, but instead sub-contract collection to our licensed bin provider partners who are some of the biggest waste companies in the UK.

Kollect is ideal for everyone but in particular householders who produce extra waste or have missed their latest bin collection.  It’s also invaluable for householders who are frequently away and don’t want empty bins on the footpath or roadside overnight.

Step 1 – Enter your location on our bin page
Step 2 – Choose the size  bin you need collected .
Step 3 -Once you confirm collection, payment is then made online
Step 4 – A bin text reminder is sent the night before and the bin is then collected as arranged.
Dont want to sign up online? - Just call us on 0161 826 6193 and you can arrange and pay for collection over the phone. 

Once you have made payment, you are a Kollect customer! We'll email and/or text you to let you know your first collection day, which will be the same day that the council empty your rubbish bin, but on the weeks the council don’t. We can’t empty your bin on the same day that you sign up as we have to prepare the route 24 hours before.

Absolutely, all our contractors are fully licensed and insured. We also keep a record of which contractor picks up your bin along with their license number - this is done to ensure compliance with waste regulations both current and forthcoming.

Yes, all of your bookings both past and future will be located in your ‘my bookings page’ ,remember you must be logged in to view this

We offer a handy text reminder service. That means, we’ll text you for free to tell you which bins are due out for collection the following day or if there are changes around holidays or times of extreme weather.

If you're signed up for one of our regular rolling service options, then you don’t need to keep setting up payment. Payment is made on a recurring basis much like a direct debit, with payment taken on the same date as the date that you signed up each month. If the payment fails for any reason (insufficient funds or expired card details being the most common) we can’t empty your bin until we receive payment, but we will notify you by email or phone if this happens. Payment is set up from your card details so if you change cards please contact us!

You’re not signed up for any long term contract! If you find it’s not working for you then you can always cancel 7 days before the next payment date, just by calling us on 0161 826 6193 or email info@kollect.co.uk if you wish to cancel. It always helps us as a business to know the reason for cancellation.

Once collected, our operatives will then take it to a waste transfer station where it is processed before being transported to a Waste to Energy Facility. Treatment of waste by the waste to energy process is environmentally preferential to Landfill Disposal in the Waste Hierarchy set out by the DEFRA.

kollect skip vehicle


We do thousands of bookings each month in various skip sizes with a money back guarantee.

Your skip is collected when you tell us to collect it. You can either specify a collection date at the time of booking, or tell us later once the skip is full. Typical collections are within 5 days of drop off, for anything longer than 7 days we request you call the office with the request. Collection is normally within 2 days of your chosen date.

Skips are delivered on large lorries that are wider than a car. Make sure there is enough space for the skip lorry to access the premises. If access via road or gate is narrow, please check with us beforehand that the dimensions of the lorry will fit. Please Note that when the full skip is taken away, the lorry will need to put down metal legs which exert significant pressure on the ground and can dent soft tarmac or crack concrete.

Skips are designed for getting rid of non-hazardous waste, not specialist materials. The main items prohibited includes:

- Asbestos

- Batteries

- Clinical waste

- Fluorescent tubes

- Fridges / freezers

- Gas bottles & cylinders

- Liquids

- Paint/paint tins

- Plasterboard

- Oil / petrol / diesel

- Solvents

- Toxic waste

You can only fill your skip up to the height of its sides because otherwise the skip driver may refuse to collect it. This is because it is dangerous to travel with an overloaded skip. Penalties may be applied to an overloaded skip or contents may have to be removed.

We have a number of skip sizes: The most popular size is the 6 yard skip. Larger skips costs more than smaller skips, but assuming you have enough waste to fill them, work out better value. You can see more about the size of the skip when you select your area; where a list of available skips are returned to you with the sizes. The best skip size for you depends on the quantity of waste you are disposing of and the amount of space available at your property for putting the skip.

We provide skips, but not the labour to load them. If you need help loading your skip then perhaps you would prefer to use our man with van a junk removal instead. Where we can provide the man hours to clear out your junk. For more information, click here.

The price includes delivery, collection and disposal of waste. Heavy waste costs more to dispose of, so loads containing only rubble, soil, concrete or wet wood etc. will incur a premium. Please call us in advance to arrange a skip for different types of waste.

You can keep the skip for 14 days - any longer than this then additional charges may apply. If you need the skip for longer please call the office and we can make an arrangement for you. The average cost per additional week is £40.

The cost of hiring a skip varies widely depending on your location, you can select what area you are living in and the prices for your area will be returned to you. This reasons this differ are because distance the trucks have to travel and local disposal rates.

No, we do not require you to be there to meet the driver as you pay for collection in advance so we do not require you to be there.

kollect truck


Our junk removal service is quick and easy – we do all the work for you and can remove as much, or as little, as you like.

We can remove and dispose of any non-hazardous bulky waste. Usually one operator comes out to each job and loads items into a van or trailer. Common examples include:

- Furniture – sofa, sofa-bed, mattress, armchair, cupboard, filing cabinets

- Appliances – washer dryer, computer, stereo, printer, flat screen TV/monitor, fridge/freezer (but not commercial fridges/chiller cabinets)

 - Cellar, loft & garage – boxes, books, kitchenware, tools, clothes, fireplace, lawn mower

- Garden refuse – branches, grass, leaves, soil, dirt, sod, compost, turf

- Wood – fencing, firewood, lumber, plywood, shed, gateConstruction/ demolition / DIY waste – plaster, drywall, broken patio, pallet, crate, glass, concrete

- Roofing / Flooring – tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, flooring

For insurance, regulatory and health & safety reasons, we can not remove hazardous waste materials, including tyres, box TVs/monitors paint or paint cans full of paint, noxious chemicals, solvents, motor oils, petrol cans, asbestos, vehicle batteries, raw meat and fish, medical or biological waste (including faeces), or any toxic substances.

We remove and dispose of junk that doesn’t fit into a regular wheelie bin. We partner with local junk removal experts. Our man with a van rubbish clearance service covers disposal of materials and the loading of the junk, including sweeping up at the end of the job, and all disposal and environmental fees.

Yes. Our trucks and drivers are fully insured to do this work.

We are not licensed or insured to remove them. We recommend contacting a local authority or licensed carrier to remove these items.

If your job turns out to be a bit bigger or smaller than you ordered, the collection crew will let you know before they start and charge or credit you the difference. Although if your job is significantly larger than booked (for example, you booked a ‘Mini’ sized collection but it turns out to be an ‘X Large’), the team may not always have sufficient space on their truck or time in their day to take the extra waste, so an additional booking may therefore be required.

Yes, we only collect junk while operating under a valid waste carrier permit, that allows us to collect all type of non-hazardous waste.  Waste Carriers License numbers available on request.

Give us a call to talk it through or send a photo through to info@kollect.co.uk or WhatsApp 07393196968 and we’ll get back with a quote as soon as possible.

No. We can only specialise to take away items you no longer need. We do not have the correct equipment or are not trained & insured to provide a traditional removal service.

15 minutes of labour is included in the price of each job (30 minutes for larger jobs), this is more than enough in 95% of cases. If the job takes substantially longer than this we may need to charge an additional £30 per 15 Minute of labour after this.

No. If you are unable to be at the property at the time of collection you can arrange access at the time of booking.

kollect skip vehicle

Skip Bags

Our skip bags are available for hire in a variety of sizes.

Yes, we can collect competitor’s bags. Please call our office for prices.

Our bags are suitable for the following waste materials – garden waste, household waste. Do not put toxic or hazardous waste into the skip bag. Waste materials that are prohibited include asbestos, chemicals, oils, batteries, fluorescent tubes, paints, solvents, medical waste, gas bottles and fridges.·  Do not put any liquids into the bag.

Your bag can be no more than 14ft from a public road in order for our truck to be able to access it. 

We can lift over a hedge provided it is no more than 4ft high. However, there must be access to the bag.

After booking in and paying for your bag to be lifted, it will be collected within 7 working days.

Your full skip bag will be brought to a licensed transfer facility where it will be segregated and sorted, where we guarantee to recycle as much of your waste material as possible.