How Kollect is Different to Other Waste Companies

How Kollect is Different to Other Waste Companies

Kollect’s Core Values and Mission Statement differentiates them from other Waste Companies

We do things differently at Kollect. In an industry crowded by companies selling similar services in an identical fashion, Kollect offers a modern and innovative alternative. We don’t endeavour to merely match the performance of our competitors but to excel beyond them using a style of service unique to the Kollect brand. Whereas others are stuck on the traditional script, Kollect proudly operates using a fresh ethos that prioritises customer experience and maximises results. The springboard for this approach is found in our mission statement and our framework of beliefs known to us and ours as core values.

Creating simple convenient and efficient ways to collect and recycle waste, innovating in customer service and creating customer delight. - The Kollect Mission

Managing waste may be an age-old problem but at Kollect we deliver revitalised and modern solutions. In alleviating all barriers between our customers and impressive results the Kollect approach bypasses traditional expectations of the waste industry to provide an improved customer experience and cultivate customer satisfaction. We don’t bamboozle our customers with the complexities of waste management or burden them with impenetrable figures concerning our market share—instead, we champion our streamlined means of achieving optimum results through solutions that initially satisfy customer needs before impressing them with the efficiency and affordability of our services. The true impact of the Kollect mission is found in the experiences of individual customers which, in turn, promote a culture of positive customer engagements unique to the Kollect brand.

We do things differently at Kollect

Style matters at Kollect and our core values help to ensure that each customer interaction is handled with a tailored approach befitting our company objectives. While other companies busy themselves meeting minimum requirements we strive to surprise our customers with an elite level of service unlike anything they have previously experienced. Our unique customer relations philosophy guarantees that we contrast positively from our competitors and is achieved through a multi-dimensional approach. Firstly, there is no Kollect script—although each of our employees delivers a consistent level of excellent service they do so in a personable fashion and are encouraged to employ their genuine personalities in all customer dealings. This effect is mirrored in our relations with the public as we implement a respectful model by operating with a level of honesty and transparency unprecedented by our competitors. Finally, and perhaps most distinctly, Kollect maintains an engaged customer presence. Customer interactions are vital to sustaining and improving our services and we address each one in a timely and informative manor to achieve resolution and leave a positive impression.

Yes, we do things differently at Kollect and while we have made great strides our journey is just beginning. Through prioritising the minute details of customer satisfaction and by offering accountable, streamlined and optimised services, Kollect will continue to distance itself from competitors and reinvent industry expectations. Our laser-focused mission statement and adaptable set of core values allow us to excel in a scalable manor while ensuring the Kollect experience never falters. By granting each and every new customer the same fantastic experience as our existing customers, we will continue to grow our happy Kollective.